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It is possible to do from 3 years old! Banana Boat & Kumanomi Castle Snorkelling (Naby Beach in Onna)

Action plan with camera

Adult 4000 yen. Child 3500 yen

Let's find the star starfish of the sea in the area where many tropical fishes and corals inhabit!

Even if you touch it with your hands, you can experience it with the creatures of the sea! !

Action camera included!
Commemorative photo can be self-printed on local printer (charge separately)
Please bring microSD. Or sale on site at 8GB ¥ 1,000 (excluding tax)
Target age
Banana boat shipping fee, 3 snorkel sets, life jacket, water gun & sandy set rental fee, wet suit (winter), insurance premium
Shower fee * Separate fee
\100 / 2min
Reception → change clothes · departure by banana boat → departure from Manza hair area → feeding tropical fish at snorkel point → returning to the beach → returning to the beach → water guns & sandy at the beach → shower, changing clothes, closing
It is targeted for application
Healthy person of 3 years old to 65 years old
Participants under the age of 15 must be accompanied by parents (over 20 years old).
※ Epilepsy, those with medical history of heart disease, those who are pregnant (including those with a possibility) can not participate.
* If you have medical history of cardiovascular system, respiratory system, diabetes etc., a medical certificate which obtained doctor 's permission in advance is necessary.
Onna Beach Resort Naby Beach
Okinawa Prefecture Kunigami-gun Onna village Onna 419-4
Pictures taken with the action camera will be self-printed on the printer. ※ Additional charge
microSD brings in, or will be sold at the diving shop.
※同行、同伴也是相同費用。 本預約需要用信用卡結算或在便利商店結算。 ※需在便利商店結算的顧客請至少提前5天預約。 [信用卡結算] 請在申請表上選擇信用卡結算,並填寫需要的資訊。 [便利商店結算] 請在申請表上選擇便利商店結算,並填寫需要的資訊。 預約被正式接受確認之前的流程 ①顧客的郵箱將會收到OKK旅行社的自動發送的郵件。 ②OKK旅行社自動發送的郵件發出之後,將會由工作人員給您發送便利商店結算方法以及受理號碼在內的確認預約郵件。 ③在收到確認預約郵件之後,請根據郵件內的資訊,在預約日前一天上午10:00之前到指定便利商店存入相應的費用。 如果我方未在預約日前一天上午10:00之前收到匯款,該預約將會自動取消。請您瞭解並體諒。 ④請在預約日當天指定時間到達接待處並向工作人員告知您的姓名。 [關於預訂的取消] 於前一天16:00以後取消將會扣取臨時取消費用。 取消費用是體驗費用的100% ※在因為天灾事變(氣候)的原因取消的情况下,將不會扣取消費用。 只會减去匯款手續費的金額,並將其餘費用退還給您。 ※關於退錢 (在信用卡結算的情况下) 在申請當月信用卡結算之前取消的情况下:將會撤銷結算,不扣取該費用。 在申請當月信用卡結算之後取消的情况下:變成用取消月的月末,銀行匯款减去匯款手續費的金額並退其餘的費用。 (在便利商店結算的情况下) 取消預約該月月底銀行將會扣除辦理手續費之後將剩下費用退還給您。


  • adult
  • Child (aged 3 to 12)
  • 共计费用-日元
  • adult:-日元(4,000日元×-)
  • Child (aged 3 to 12):-日元(3,500日元×-)