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Car rental reservations (S-class)

  • Trial class plan contents
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  • Plan contents

セットプラン Car rental reservations (S-class)

セットプラン Car rental reservations (S-class)

Trial class plan contents

1CAR ¥13,300~

Visitor gallery

Plan rate

Trial class plan name The time required The last receptionist The number of people Rate
Car rental S class 2days (1car) - 1people 13,300yen
Car rental S class 3days (1car) - 1people 19,300yen
Car rental S class 4days (1car) - 1people 25,300yen
Car rental S class 5days (1car) - 1people 31,300yen
【OPTION】Shurijo Castle chicket (adult:Over 16years) - 1people 820yen
【OPTION】Shurijo Castle chicket (high school student) - 1people 620yen
【OPTION】Shurijo Castle chicket (Child:6-15 years) - 1people 310yen
【OPTION】RYUGUJO Butterfly Garden (adult:Over 16years) - 1people 500yen
【OPTION】RYUGUJO Butterfly Garden (Child:6-15 years old) - 1people 250yen

You can not use it's plan If you forget your international driver's license.
You may not hire. By the rules of each country.
Please tell to STAFF reservation name.in meeting place.
And Please present your driver's license. All the people will be driving on accept.

This reservation needs payment by the credit card settlement.
[the credit card settlement]
You have you choose the credit card settlement with application form, and please fill in necessary information.

[about cancellation of reservation]
Cancellation rate incurs from after 16:00 on the day before trial class.
100% of cancellation rate trial class rates
※In the case of trial class cancellation by natural disaster incident (weather), cancellation rate does not incur.
It becomes repayment with amount of money that deducted transfer fee.
※About repayment
The settlement is application (in the case of the credit card settlement).
In the case of cancellation until our application end of the month: We cancel the settlement.
In the case of cancellation after the application next month: It becomes repayment with amount of money that deducted transfer fee by bank transfer on the end of the month of cancellation month.

We advance to reservation application

Inquiry 098-965-1234 that plan relates to

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