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The making of coral lamp

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芸能・生活文化体験 The making of coral lamp

Trial class plan contents

3,000 yen ... made with coral lamp

Let's make only coral lamp in the world emitting gentle light!

Abolished bottle called assembling shell and sea glass is washed in wave using coral of Okinawa into a dome form, and CADEAU is trial class which decorates, and makes lamp shade with produced glass. As we assemble coral in gurugan (hot bond), anyone can make. It is set the stands, electric bulb, complete set including switch.
When attach light from the inside, coral and shell are lighted up by gentle light; and the completion of lamp warm.
It is work becoming a pleasure very to attach light.

芸能・生活文化体験 The making of coral lamp Trial class made with coral lamp


Visitor gallery

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Plan rate

Trial class plan name The time required The last receptionist The number of people Rate
Trial class made with coral lamp Approximately90minutes 16:00 1people 3,000yen ~

Trial class plan needs reservations.
But it should be cancellation when it is past 15 minutes. Approve beforehand.
After application, we reply from the inner (from 9:00 to 18:00) person in charge for business hours.
※About inquiry out of the business hours, I will inform the next day.
If you have any questions, please contact over telephone.
※If there is space, guidance of the day is possible, too.

We advance to reservation application

Inquiry 098-965-1234 that plan relates to

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