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Photoframe of the coral

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芸能・生活文化体験 Photoframe of the coral

Trial class plan contents

2,000 yen ... made with photoframe

It is trial class making art object using fragment of Ryukyu glass.

芸能・生活文化体験 Photoframe of the coral Photoframe


Visitor gallery

  • 木村美香&佐藤早季 様
  • リュウエン、ズデニェク様
  • TOA様
  • ゆうや&えみ様
  • りく様
  • MWAMふぁみりー様
  • 金子石材 様
  • MR★CYA様(^∀^)/
  • ひまさぁ様
  • 柏南高校2年1組 様
  • 柏南高校2年1組 様
  • 柏南高校2年1組 様
  • 柏南高校2年1組 様
  • メグ&カナ様
  • ひな❤ゆなシスターズ様
  • 結衣まま
  • ミツキ・ヒカル様
  • きたろう様
  • ゆうき&ゆき様
  • まーや、りな、もえ、ひかる様
  • ゆりな・えみこ様
  • 西澤様
  • サワムーチョ様
  • そう&なの様
  • トモミーカズミ様
  • ケンジィー
  • ハユ様
  • こーた・ちよ様
  • 貴徳智美様
  • かわべしょうりゅう様

Plan rate

Trial class plan name The time required The last receptionist The number of people Rate
Photoframe Approximately50minutes 16:00 1people 2,000yen ~

Trial class plan needs reservations.
But it should be cancellation when it is past 15 minutes. Approve beforehand.
After application, we reply from the inner (from 9:00 to 18:00) person in charge for business hours.
※About inquiry out of the business hours, I will inform the next day.
If you have any questions, please contact over telephone.
※If there is space, guidance of the day is possible, too.

We advance to reservation application

Inquiry 098-965-1234 that plan relates to

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