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[Limited discount only for advanced order] Gift set: ‘I went to Ryukyumura!’

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芸能・生活文化体験 [Limited discount only for advanced order] Gift set: ‘I went to Ryukyumura!’

芸能・生活文化体験 [Limited discount only for advanced order] Gift set: ‘I went to Ryukyumura!’

Trial class plan contents

Original Price: ¥1,296→¥1,200 ※Original story book (Not for sale) included

Receive items at Ryukyumura. Discounted souvenir set for advanced order only.
【Set includes】
① Ryuken tea 100g
② 3 Original post cards
③ 1 Original story book

芸能・生活文化体験 [Limited discount only for advanced order] Gift set: ‘I went to Ryukyumura!’ set content

②オリジナルポストカードセット 3枚入

①琉球村オリジナルハーブティー 琉健茶

沖縄旅行 最中のお便りや、旅行後の楽しかった思い出などを書きしるして家族や、お友達にメッセージを届けましょう!

琉球村に住む妖精 キム と愉快な仲間たちが繰り広げる夢と伝統の大冒険!

Visitor gallery

Plan rate

Trial class plan name The time required The last receptionist The number of people Rate
set content Approximately5minutes 17:00 1people 1,200yen

The item will be received at the Ryukyumura.
This set does not include Ryukyumura admission fee.
Available hours: 9:00~17:00
※Opened items can not be returned or exchanged.

This reservation needs payment by the credit card settlement or the convenience store settlement.
※For the convenience store settlement, please make the reservation five days in advance.
[Credit card settlement]
Please select ‘Credit card settlement’ and fill out necessary information in the application form.
[Convenience store settlement]
Please select ‘Convenience store settlement’ in the application form to apply.

Reservation confirmation process
① You will receive an automatic email from OKK travel to your registered email account.
② You will also receive a confirmation email from OKK travel, which enclose the instruction of the convenience store settlement, registration number and payment due date.
③ After receiving the confirmation email, please make the payment at the designated convenience store no later than 10:00AM on the day before admission date. (If you make a reservation more than a month in advance, please make payment by the payment due date) The reservation will be cancelled automatically if the payment was never been made by 10:00AM on the day before admission date or the payment due date.
④ After you entered Ryukyumura, visit reception desk at designated time, and let the staff know your reservation name.

【Cancellation of reservation】
Cancellation fee incurs from after 16:00 on the day before of this plan.
Cancellation rate is 100% of this plan fee
※In the case of natural disaster incident (weather), cancellation fee does not incur.
Deposit fee will be refunded after deducting handling fee (5% of amount for reserved plan) and bank transfer fee (Domestic: \1,000 International: \3,500~).

※Refund process for cancellation prior to 16:00 on the day before
(Credit card settlement refund)
Refund after deducting the handling fee or refund via credit card company.
(Convenience store settlement refund)
At the end of the month cancelled or the next month, refund to your bank account after deducting handling fee and bank transfer fee.

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