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About service

Does "blue cave" open today?
We understand whether you can swim in blue cave at 9:00 of the day.
Can you not swim now though it is fine?
Swimming is prohibited by undulation of wind and wave.

About pickup and drop-off

Are there pickup and drop-off from hotel?
As you heard pickup and drop-off between RyukyuMura between suburban hotel depending on trial class course, please refer

Hit parking lot

Is there parking lot?
We do free parking lot perfection.

About facilities

Is there restroom shower?
There is. We do hot and cold perfection.
Are there towel rental and locker?
Towel, please make preparations by each person. Locker varies according to course.

About application

Can you participate in family?
Small child is welcome! But there is age limit depending on course.
Snorkeling trial class can participate by protector companion until 6 years old - 11 years old.
Diving trial class becomes more than 10 years old.
In addition, minor person comes to need signature of written consent offering.
Visitor of pregnant woman declines.
Though we cannot swim at all and are not confident of swimming, is it all right?
As we offer life jacket, even person who cannot swim can enjoy in peace.
Is reservation necessary?
Until the day before need reservations, but please feel free to contact as accept if there is space about application on the day.

About health condition

... which is not confident of physical strength
As it is not extreme sport, don't worry.
However, some basic physical strength is necessary. Please talk in particular beforehand when respiratory system, cardiovascular system has disease.
In addition, person 60 years or older comes to need medical certificate of doctor.
It has poor eyesight, can you experience?
We offer mask with lenses with degree. If you like, please order at the time of reservation.
※The frequency may not match. We recommend that we have you bring when you are interested.
Experienced person comes by contact lens, but cannot recommend as we may not get in before diving and the water.
When diving makes, may you be careful?
It is very dangerous to take alcohols just after trial class.
In addition, we cannot board airplane on the day of the diving.

About weather

When it rains, we are beautiful, or does the sea come in trial class?
As the sea of Okinawa has high transparency, you can enjoy.
I quit depending on the marine situation in some courses and I may be changed, but will inform another course beforehand.

Aquarium combination plan: About use day

Should use day be the same day?
All right. It is available on the other day. But come to RyukyuMura earlier as it becomes aquarium ticket change in RyukyuMura.

About satouukibi trial class plan

Can you participate with child?
It is extreme popularity for visitor of family. But small child can participate as your companion of pro-state as it becomes trial class from fifth grader.
Only child wants to let participate, but ...
It becomes trial class to use knife for, and it is principle protector companion as it is dangerous.
We want to bite sugar millet!
Please sense the same taste of Nature bodily in Nature.
Why don't it rain? ?
We call off principle. In the case of coupon bringing, transfer is enabled to trial class in the RyukyuMura garden after payment, too.

About coupon change

If use day of coupon mention passes, does it become invalid?
All right! As it is not designation day in particular, come to trip of visitor.