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It is means of payment reservation

Confirmation method of reservation

As, after reservation application completion, we send to e-mail address that had you input reservation number and contents of reservation,
We have you convey reservation number in the case of notification to the following inquiry phone number,
Please confirm reservation.

TEL 080-7954-1971

Means of payment

It varies according to menu.
Specifically, please confirm menu details page.

About reservation cancellation of menu which credit financial statements need

Cancellation rate incurs from after 16:00 on the day before trial class.
100% of cancellation rates
※In the case of cancellation before 15:59, it becomes repayment with sum that deducted transfer fee (one 150 yen) the day before.
※In the case of trial class cancellation by natural disaster incident (weather), cancellation rate does not incur.
We refund with amount of money that deducted handling fee.

Cancellation of reservation

Day before after 16:00

※Cancellation fee when weather, the marine situation were cancelled badly does not occur.

※We can show around the other menu depending on one of plan. Specifically, please refer.