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Picnic on the beach & Photo frame making

It is made with photoframe using shell and coral which we picked up in the sea♪

3,500 yen

We pick up favorite shellfish while taking a walk through natural beach and will make photoframe!

Because it is the sea of Okinawa that is rich in creature, we can do it! We look for thing to use for photoframe while observing tropical fish and shellfish, crab, sea cucumber inhabiting shallows.

If favorite thing is found, it is made with photoframe promptly♪

Large and small shells display Aya.

If photoframe is completed, you put photograph which you photographed during walk and can take to go on the spot.

Please spend Okinawa time filled with adventure and healing.

Meeting → Lecture → Movement (in approximately five minutes arrival at beach) → Sea picnic (about 40-50 minutes) → Movement → Shower, change of clothes → The making of photoframe (40-50 minutes) → Dissolution
It is targeted for application
Healthy 2 years old ... 75 years old
※As for the participation that is lower than primary schoolchild, agreement of protector is necessary for companion of protector, participation of junior high student - minor.
Meeting place
Yamada, Onna-son
※We will tell about TEL, address of meeting place by reservation reconfirmation email.
※We perform pickup and drop-off from RyukyuMura to meeting place.
  When you want, please fill out the remarks column with (RyukyuMura meeting hope) at the time of application.
The meeting time
①8:15 ② 10:15 ③ 12:15 ④ 14:15
※In the case of pickup and drop-off from RyukyuMura, it usually becomes meeting until 15 minutes before the meeting time.
The time required
Approximately two hours
Minimum passenger count
More than two people
It is included in rate
・Trial class charges, one set of necessary machine part, one piece of photoframe one set tour photograph, premium, tax
We have you bring
・Hat, sunscreen, clothes, shoes, drink, change of clothes, towel which may get wet which may get wet 
※There is free rental of Malin boots, too, but please fill out the remarks column at the time of application because there is limit to number when you want.
Men's and women's free shower existence
Dryer existence
※Cancellation or a part may be changed by conduct by weather and the marine situation.
※Fish of glass to use for photoframe becomes optional parts.
※Company, companion trial class is the rate, too.
This reservation needs payment by the credit card settlement.
[the credit card settlement]
You have you choose the credit card settlement with application form, and please fill in necessary information.
[about cancellation of reservation]
Cancellation rate incurs from after 16:00 on the day before trial class.
100% of cancellation rate trial class rates
※In the case of trial class cancellation by natural disaster incident (weather), cancellation rate does not incur.
It becomes repayment with amount of money that deducted transfer fee.
※When blue cave is prohibited from swimming by weather, it becomes snorkeling holding that we change point.
As reservation cancellation in case of point change becomes a target of cancellation fee, please be careful.
※About repayment
The settlement is application (in the case of the credit card settlement).
In the case of cancellation until our application end of the month: We cancel the settlement.
In the case of cancellation after the application next month: It becomes repayment with amount of money that deducted transfer fee by bank transfer on the end of the month of cancellation month.

※This Plan guide is Japanese or English or chinese.
If you hope Guid in Foreign language.
Plese tell us when application.

Application for space situation confirmation, reservation

  • 1person(2~65 years old)
  • Total rate-yen
  • 1person(2~65 years old):-yen(3,500yen×-)