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It is advantageous by advance reservations!

2,200 yen

1.30 minutes ago to Ryukyu village
※ Car rental use: Please use the Ryukyu village parking lot (free).
* By bus route: By bus (20, 120) Naha - Nago line Get off at Ryukyu Village front station. One minute on foot from Ryukyu Village Front Station.
2. Move to diving shop by private car
3. Change to a wet suit at the diving shop
4. Move to Cape Eiyada where there is a blue cave in a private car
5. Snorkeling experience (about 50 minutes)
6. Move to diving shop by private car
7. After drinking at the diving shop change clothes
8. Move to Ryukyu village by private car
End of stroke (about 2 hours in all strokes)
At the time of stormy weather
When blue cave is prohibited from swimming by weather, it becomes snorkeling holding that we change point.
※As reservation cancellation in case of point change becomes a target of cancellation fee, please be careful.
Meeting place
Ryukyumura information counter
Holding place
Maeda, Onna-son
※We take to and from from Ryukyumura of meeting place.
The time required
Approximately two hours
The meeting time
30 minutes ago of trial class time
Thing which has you prepare
・Swimming wear, towel, sandals which may get wet
※Come in state that wore swimming wear under the clothes.
One 6-59-year-old healthy one that is available for communication in Japanese
・Visitor younger than 18 years comes to need written consent entry of protector.
・In the one younger than 16 years, I would like participation by protector companion 18 years or older.
・Person of (including one with possibility) cannot participate under one, the pregnancy having epilepsy, medical history of heart problem.
・Person with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular system, respiratory system, diabetes comes to need medical certificate which got permission of doctor beforehand.
・For security, wearing of life jacket becomes required during snorkel. (life jacket rental is included in trial class rate.)
The facility fee for use
It becomes payment for one 300 yen as the facility fee for use (the fee for use such as shower dryers) on the day in the field.

※The locker fee for use is necessary separately. (two kinds of existence: 100 yen locker .200 yen locker)
Cancellation of reservation
Cancellation rate incurs from after 16:00 on the day before trial class.
100% of cancellation rate trial class rates
※In the case of trial class cancellation by natural disaster incident (weather), it becomes repayment with amount of money that deducted transfer fee.
※About repayment
The settlement is application.
In the case of cancellation until our application end of the month: We cancel the settlement.
In the case of cancellation after the application next month: It becomes repayment with amount of money that deducted transfer fee by bank transfer on the end of the month of cancellation month.
Meeting place: Ryukyu Village General Information Office
Time required: 2 hours
Appointment: 16:00 the day before (only online booking is accepted)
Applicant age: 6~59 years old

This appointment needs to be settled by credit card or settled at a convenience store.
※If you use a convenience store, please make a reservation at least 5 days in advance.

[credit card settlement]
Please select credit card settlement on the application form and fill in the required information.

[convenience store settlement]
Please select the convenience store settlement on the application form and fill in the required information.

The process before the appointment is officially accepted for confirmation
1 The customer's email address will be automatically sent by OKK Travel Agency.
After the e-mail automatically sent by 2OKK travel agency is sent, the staff will send you a convenience store settlement method and a confirmation reservation email including the acceptance number.
3 After receiving the confirmation reservation email, please pay the corresponding fee to the designated convenience store before 10:00 am on the day before the appointment date according to the information in the email.
If we do not receive the remittance by 10:00 am on the day before the appointment date, the appointment will be automatically cancelled. Please understand.
4 Please arrive at the reception desk at the designated time on the appointment date and inform the staff of your name.

[About cancellation of reservation]
If you cancel after 16:00 on the day before the experience, your cancellation fee will be charged.
Cancellation fee is 100% of the experience fee
※If you cancel due to bad weather (climate, etc.), your cancellation fee will not be charged.
According to the handling fee (5% of the reservation fee), the remittance fee (in Japan: 1,000 yen, Japan: 3,500 yen) will be deducted and the rest will be refunded to you.
※About the cancellation of the money before 16:00 the day before, give you a refund
(in the case of credit card settlement)
In the case of cancellation before the credit card settlement in the current month of application, the settlement will be cancelled and the fee will not be deducted.
In the case of the cancellation of the credit card settlement in the current month of the application: the end of the month of the cancellation month, the bank remittance minus the remittance fee and the remaining fees.

(in the case of convenience store settlement)
Cancellation of Appointment At the end of the month, the bank will refund the remaining fees to you after deducting the handling fee.

※If swimming is prohibited in the Cave of the Blue, the experience will be replaced elsewhere.
※On the day before the experience day, if the place to be replaced is also prohibited from swimming, the itinerary will be cancelled. At this time, the remaining amount will be returned to you with a 5% system charge.

The facility usage fee (the amount of use for showers, hair dryers, etc.) is 300 yen, please pay this fee during the experience.
※If you use the luggage storage box, your fee will be charged separately. (There are two types: a suitcase of 100 yen, a suitcase of 200 yen)

Application for space situation confirmation, reservation

  • おひとり(6才以上)
  • Total rate-yen
  • おひとり(6才以上):-yen(2,200yen×-)