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nibichi costumes for rent

We take wonderful Ryukyu wedding-style photograph in 30


※It is rate in two people. ※nibichipuran becomes course without walk. A course (with three pieces of 1 photo collage) Woman: Dressing, hairdresser Man: Dressing B course (with three pieces of 1 photo collage) Woman: Dressing Man: Dressing Trial class time ①11:00 ② 13:00 ③ 15:00
accept place
OKK travel tour desk (information in RyukyuMura juxtaposition for free zone)
The time required
Trial class place
Okinawa station champuru
Non-refundable.If you Late booking time.
The length of the hair is necessary for A course more than chest.
By the length of the hair of visitor, please note that you may be changed to B course after reception desk on the day.

Trial class plan needs reservations.
But it should be cancellation when it is past 15 minutes. Approve beforehand.
After application, we reply from the inner (from 9:00 to 18:00) person in charge for business hours.
※About inquiry out of the business hours, I will inform the next day.
If you have any questions, please contact over telephone.
※If there is space, guidance of the day is possible, too.

Application for space situation confirmation, reservation

  • A course
  • B course
  • Total rate-yen
  • A course:-yen(10,000yen×-)
  • B course:-yen(8,000yen×-)