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Hand forming Shisa

It is recommended for person who wants to enjoy ceramic art with all one's might!


約300分 ※個人差がございます。

A work is mailed later.  
It is not possible to international shipping.
* Guests of the reservation should come by thirty minutes before the experience time.
※ Ryukyu Village entry fee is required separately.
※ If you are late for reservation time, we may not be able to guide you. please note that.
You can not take away with you on that day.
It will be delivered in about a month.
postage included
※Overseas shipping is we do not do.
A work is mailed later.
It is not possible to international shipping.
In the following period, you can not handcrapped authentic Shisa experience.
March 15 - April 10
May 1 - May 5
July 20 - August 31
December 25 - January 5

This reservation requires payment by credit card payment.

【Credit card transaction】
Please select credit card transaction on application form and fill in necessary information.

【About cancellation of reservation】
Cancellation charges will be incurred after 16:00 on the day before the trial.
Cancellation charge 100% of the experience fee
* In case of discontinuation of experiences due to natural disasters (weather etc.), cancellation fee will not be raised.
It will be refunded with the amount of handling fee · transfer fee less deducted.
※ For refund
(Credit card transaction)
Settlement will be upon application.
Application For cancellation until the end of the current month: We will cancel the settlement.
Application For cancellation after the next month: It will be refunded at the end of the month at the end of the cancellation month, with the transfer fee minus the transfer fee.

Application for space situation confirmation, reservation

  • (15才以上)
  • Total rate-yen
  • (15才以上):-yen(30,000yen×-)