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【Yomitan-son】 whale shark experience-based diving

We can swim with whale shark in the sea of Okinawa!

13,400 yen

The world's largest fish surprised at the size.
We are just overwhelmed to the largest size.
Older brother of instructor approaches in whale sharks with bait when we swim towards fixed shore net while enjoying experience-based diving from whale shark and the outside of fixed shore net keeping in ikesu.

caution to be careful about
After diving for prevention of dysbarism, and experiencing; 12 hours of plane cannot board.
I decline trial class on the last day of the trip.
For your safety,
Please do not on board the airclaft at least 12 hours after scuba diving.
Even child can experience from 10 years old or more.
Medical certificate of doctor is necessary for 60 years old or more.

Participation by primary school students will be accompanied by parents.
Participation by junior high school student - minors requires consent from parents.
If you are a minor, please come and visit us in advance signing in the signature column for parents of the application form below.
· Program application form
The time required
Approximately 180 minutes
Meeting place
Holding place
※We become guide in (visitor each person movement) or (free pickup and drop-off service) to trial class place after reception desk.
Please fill in moving method you like at the time of reservation in the remarks column.
※ Implementation may be canceled or changed depending on weather and ocean conditions.
* Circulation, respiratory system, diseases of the otic nose, existing disease of epilepsy, those who are pregnant can not participate.
Or a doctor's medical certificate may be required.
* There is a medical history / health check check in the application form for shop regulations. Depending on the diagnosis reply, we may refrain.
※ From 60 years old to under 75 years old, regardless of the medical history, a doctor's diagnosis and participation agreement is required.
※ If you are worried about seasickness please bring sickness stop medicine.
※ Please be sure to bring swimsuits, towels, beach sandals (wet sandals).
※ Because of pressure, you can not board an airplane after diving participation (during the day).

This reservation needs payment by the credit card settlement.
[the credit card settlement]
You have you choose the credit card settlement with application form, and please fill in necessary information.

[about cancellation of reservation]
Cancellation rate incurs from after 16:00 on the day before trial class.
100% of cancellation rate trial class rates
※In the case of trial class cancellation by natural disaster incident (weather), cancellation rate does not incur.
It becomes repayment with amount of money that Handling fees (5%) and deducted transfer fee.
※About repayment
The settlement is application (in the case of the credit card settlement).
In the case of cancellation until our application end of the month: We cancel the settlement.
In the case of cancellation after the application next month: It becomes repayment with amount of money that deducted transfer fee by bank transfer on the end of the month of cancellation month.

Application for space situation confirmation, reservation

  • Total rate-yen
  • -yen(13,400yen×-)