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About specific transaction

Distributor Okinawa tourist industry cooperative
Administration person in charge Toshio Kochi
Address 〒904-0416
1130, Yamada, Onna-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
Phone number 098-965-1234
FAX number 098-964-3411
E-Mail address okk@ryukyumura.co.jp
URL https://www.ryukyumura.co.jp
Name RyukyuMura
Means of payment Prior discount ticket pays only by payment in advance.
(it varies according to other plans and trial class. Specifically, please confirm the plan details.)
About the postage Reservation of ticket, the postage about sale are 0 yen.
(we can acquire prior discount ticket by acquiring by showing screen of print or carrying coupon on my page.)
Delivery time After approval by means of payment of the price that buyer appointed was granted, we can acquire prior discount ticket by showing screen of print or cell-phone coupon on my page in around 30 minutes.
About returned goods We do not accept cancellation of prior discount ticket or return of goods.
In addition, it discounts in advance and refunds the purchase price for buyer of ticket when our facility cannot provide service or there is a threat that though there is about prior discount ticket in expiration date of prior discount ticket. In this case repayment method shall depend on our designated method.