EISA dance

EISA dance schedule
12:00~ Kijimuna Theater
14:00~ Kijimuna Theater 

EISA dance

What is folkcraft EISA of Okinawa?

In late years is famous nationwide; danced
Representative traditional arts of Okinawa

Also, it is folk entertainment to pray for my wife security, health, and to dance so that each Okinawa local blue annual convention (EISA group which gathered of young men and women) goes round each house in Okinawa over Bon according to the old calendar (old calendar July 15), and ancestors can return to the sky safely. We match with sanshin player called chorus singer (jikata) in drum, dancers and put up musical accompaniment (rice with hashed beef) and dance.

Representative traditional arts of Okinawa

What is folkcraft EISA of Okinawa?

Dancers of EISA

Dancer, how to dance EISA
We dance using small drum called dancer, dance large drum and Paarankuu of EISA.
Kyoto Taro (jun dollar)
Kyoto Taro (jun dollar) Buffoon who plastered with face white. Originally it was person who comes from Japanese soil, and teaches prayer to Buddha, but there are many positions heaping up EISA now.
The Finger whistle
The Finger whistle played along with the Okinawan traditional Eisa dance and sanshin music brings excitement to the performance.

※Please note that you may change place of attraction to weather.

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EISA dance

Drumbeat to echo in the sky. Dynamic dance in perfect order. In late years we hold popular EISA dance twice every day nationwide.

Attraction schedule
10:00 - Michijyunee Parade (25min)
Center Square or Kijimuna Theater when raining
13:00-Shimauta Okinawan Song Live Performance (20min)
Kijimuna Theater
15:00-Shimauta Okinawan Song Live Performance (20min)
Kijimuna Theater
(日本語) 15:30~エイサー
(日本語) 園内中央広場/雨天:きじむなぁ劇場

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