No Drones Area.

Ryukyu Mura will not allow any flight of Drones(radio-controlled helicopter, etc.) with in its area. For when it falls and injures other customers, or damage Cultural Properties in the park. The owner of the drone will take full responsibility for any personal injuries and property damage. Thank you for understanding and your cooperation.

When does product arrive?

We can usually send in 2-3 days if there is product in store. In the case of absence of goods, delivery may take approximately 1 week. Approve.

We want you to send as we buy by souvenir, and there is lapse of memory

Net shop can order. It is OK even from one We accept few product over telephone. It is only for order 0120-60-6065

We left a thing

Please inform of the details. When we can identify person, we send out by postage cash on delivery.

Can you photograph?

If there is request, please refer to film photography, preliminary inspection with form of coverage request.

Does photograph come out?

There is not limit in particular. You follow manner, and please enjoy.

Can you smoke cigarette?

Smoking is prohibited in the facility. We would like at appointed smoking place.

Foot is inconvenient

It becomes barrier-free in garden. We give rental of wheelchair free. Come to general bureau.

Can you go without reservation?

We accept admission without reservation. Trial class requiring reservation includes trial class. There is trial class which is made without reservation, but forgive as number may be limited.

Is meal possible anytime?

We consist of 11:00 by 15:00 for business hours of dining room. It is provided only Okinawa soba until 16:00.

Silver discount?

There is not.

What time is it sales people from?

The last receptionist is 17:00 for from 9:00 to 17:30. ※It is excluded in summer time

Child is 3 years old, is it free?

5 years old is free.

If it rains, does show disappear?

We have change of meeting place for show in rainy day. We guide by broadcast in garden confidential plan.

Is there close day?

It is year round, but is closed when bus becomes storm area to stop at the time of typhoon.

Person with a disability discount?

It becomes at half price to these other people and one attendant with notebook.

Way of enjoying and the highlight special product attraction meal special product event information