We enjoy both the sea and the mountains of Okinawa very much! OKK travel tour that is strong in hometown!

It is means of payment reservation

Reservation over the Internet can apply.

Reservation on the Internet
Reservation on the Internet from “is not crowded application of each plan detail for situation confirmation, reservation”
We choose “plan participation day” and choose “the participation number of people”.
As time when “time, reservation application” can be reserved is displayed,
You click “reservation application” of time you like button, and please input necessary information.
Confirmation method of reservation

As, after reservation application completion, we send to e-mail address that had you input reservation number and contents of reservation,
We have you convey reservation number in the case of notification to the following inquiry phone number,
Please confirm reservation.

TEL 080-7954-1971

Means of payment
It varies according to menu.
Specifically, please confirm menu details page.