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The plan details

Blue cave snorkeling ((Japanese/English/Chinese/Korea ))

Welcome to mysterious blue cave which the sun and the sea of Okinawa create

2,980 yen
☆Popular blue cave snorkeling ☆ From RyukyuMura of departure is course easily.

  • The plan details
The meeting time
30 minutes ago of trial class time
6-59-year-old healthy one
・Visitor younger than 18 years comes to need written consent entry of protector.
・In the one younger than 16 years, I would like participation by protector companion 18 years or older.
・Person of (including one with possibility) cannot participate under one, the pregnancy having epilepsy, medical history of heart problem.
・Person with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular system, respiratory system, diabetes comes to need medical certificate which got permission of doctor beforehand.
・For security, wearing of life jacket becomes required during snorkel. (life jacket rental is included in trial class rate.)
The time required
Approximately 120 minutes
Meeting place
[OKK travel reception desk counter]
(Okinawa station champuru entrance information)
Holding place
Maeda, Onna-son
At the time of stormy weather
When blue cave is prohibited from swimming by weather, it becomes snorkeling holding that we change point.
※As reservation cancellation in case of point change becomes a target of cancellation fee, please be careful.
We have you prepare
・Swimming wear, towel, sandals which may get wet
※Come in state that wore swimming wear under the clothes.

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