We enjoy both the sea and the mountains of Okinawa very much! OKK travel tour that is strong in hometown!

The plan details

Fluorescent fluorite stone bracelet

The making of original bracelet to make with genuine stone♪

3,850 yen
We make original genuine stone bracelet with stone and parts of color you like.

We cross stone said to that fortune appeared in the natural phenomena and power dwell, and let's make go wate original accessories♪

※The road pivot according to admission rate

  • The plan details
Reception time
Before 30 min.
Trial class reception hours
The time required
Approximately 30 minutes
※It fluctuates by the number of people in the time required.
※Up to ten people: Approximately 60 minutes

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Total rate-yen

Fluorite stone bracelet glows with 4 (10 mm):-yen(3,850yen×-)
Glowing Firefly stone bracelet all use: up to 22 pieces (10 mm).:-yen(7,920yen×-)

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