We enjoy both the sea and the mountains of Okinawa very much! OKK travel tour that is strong in hometown!

The plan details

An original Shiisa change color

Trial class popularity No. 1! It is trial class applying color to modelled Shiisa.

1Shisa 1,800 yen (male or female)
Approximate time is about 40 to 50 minutes Original coloring with mixing colors is also possible. A popular NO1 plan that you can enjoy from small children to adults! Take away on that day OK!

  • The plan details
Trial class reception hours
From 9:00 to 15:00
The time required
Approximately 50 minutes
※It fluctuates by the number of people in the time required.

Application is this confirmation of the space situation

[1] Please choose scheduled participation date, the time

Scheduled participation date

[2] Please choose the participation number of people

Total rate-yen

Original shisa coloring (1 piece: male or female):-yen(1,800yen×-)

[3] Please press button to advance to input screen

Please choose date, the number of people