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Map in garden
Trial class made with brown sugar
Trial class made with brown sugarLet’s make mineral-rich raw sugar.
Slightly bitter, sweet raw sugar is good to tea cake. We project on oyster blend zerute, container in pan round and round, and it is in raw sugar when we cool while stirring. It is trial class which is pleasant with wonder. To the trial class plan details
MICHIJYUNECompound parade where folk song, Ryukyu entertainment, eisasho was even on
It is one of the characteristics that annual function of Okinawa has relation with various gods. In RyukyuMura, we introduce entertainment to be seen in the annual function in MICHIJYUNE.
To the attraction details
Taco rice family set
Taco rice family setIn kijimunaa dining room of Okinawa
We eat up popular menu!
Let’s eat Taco rice which is popular among children! There were shreds and tacos meat of lettuce, tacos sauce, cheese on the rice with Taco rice. Service of mini-side includes for child until 5 years old. 1,500 yen
Shiisa painting classroom
Shiisa painting classroomTo Shiisa modelled beforehand
It is trial class to add color to with dye you like.
Reach puberty, and original only for oneself makes Shiisa with six colors of colors. As we dry immediately, take-out is possible on the day.
To the trial class plan details
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