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Map in garden
Brief costumes for rent
Brief costumes for rentWe put on clothes of Okinawa and take a ceremonial photograph.
Brief costumes for rent to take on the spot.
Brief costumes for rent of type to put on can hand photograph immediately. We take even your camera to one for one.
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MICHIJYUNECompound parade where folk song, Ryukyu entertainment, eisasho was even on
It is one of the characteristics that annual function of Okinawa has relation with various gods. In RyukyuMura, we introduce entertainment to be seen in the annual function in MICHIJYUNE.
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To make with soil Shiisa
To make with soil ShiisaIt is up to professional standard in plentiful red earth
We make Shiisa.
We make Shiisa of size of around 10cm from 1 kg of soil. We make with a choice of Shiisa either opened male of mouth or closed female. After having been dried, completed Shiisa burns. It is sent out to home later.
To the details gourmet meal
Greed side
Greed sideThere were ribs, soki meat, tebichiga
It is deluxe Okinawa soba.
As for the meat of topping to be carried on Okinawa soba, ribs with skin, soki meat of rib, pig’s trotter notebichi meat vary, but side that picked all up those meat is “greed side”.
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Sanshin trial class
Sanshin trial classWe touch sanshin and practice simple music.
Does it become new hobby?
Teacher of sanshin can tell from basics carefully. We will become able to play simple music. We can experience happily in old folk house of Okinawa. Please enjoy original scale of Okinawa.
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Country ground teahouse
Country ground teahouseSome breaks. Please enjoy trial class sweets in old folk house.
We cook original parfait using tropical drink and fresh fruit. We perform topping of fruit and flavor you like, and let’s cook delicious parfait♪
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Sir ter; trial class made with under Guy
Sir ter; trial class made with under GuyOf recommendation which can eat deep-fried length
Trial class! nakahafukkura crunchy in the outside
It is cake of texture.
Sir ter; under Guy is cake representing Okinawa to be able to make easily. Please challenge by all means if you learn even how to make as you can easily make at home.
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