Heart to do the relation in relation with a large number of people wealthily. We invite all of you in hospitality carefully.


As for restaurant lunch 400 seats night party 300 dinner,
We heard other consultation.

Meal in meeting place full of indoor dome-shaped open feeling. Is pushed from behind by subtropical weather; heart is … for leaving open, too. You can enjoy in atmosphere only in Okinawa.

School excursion
Study trip

Other consultation including 300 dinner BBQ
We heard

Meaning of “chimuchurasa” to learn from meal, and to learn from folkcraft “nuchigusui” can learn “pleasure to make thing” from before age with friend in private house, nature that thyme skidded.

Facility information

The RyukyuMura appearance
Seating capacity 300 …
The location 1130, Yamada, Onna-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa

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