It is special product souvenir
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It is special product RyukyuMura recommended souvenir

beniimotaruto Mozuku soup nuchimasu Souvenir of Okinawa limitation Ancient city Shuri ten years old liquor 25 degrees Peanut brown sugar Airy soap *kencha Hub powder
Entering beniimotaruto
It is love sareteirubeniimotaruto for not only repeater from outside the prefecture but also many people of local Okinawa. Gentle sweetness and flavor peculiar to deep red potato are good to have with coffee and tea. Price 540 yen
Mozuku soup
It only flows into and is easy! Delicious! Okinawa Mozuku soup. Extreme popularity at all healthy seaweed, seaweed, kelp, clams which Mozuku is contained, and incense of the sea makes and seasoning that we did! Price 750 yen …
Cooking bottle
150 g
Guinness authorization that has never met with 14 kinds of mineral-containing kinds for 2,000 years. It is salt which is detected world’s most with 21 kinds of mineral detection kinds now now. Price 1,050 yen …
Souvenir of Okinawa limitation
“Japanese towel” and “puzzle” of Okinawa limitation of dress which we sell only at number store in Okinawa are extreme popularity! It is limited item which we do not sell in net! When you come to Okinawa, please have in your hand.
Ancient city Shuri
Ten years old liquor 25 degrees
Speaking of Okinawa, Awamori, Awamori are old liquor. This price is advantageous with old liquor for ten years! Please compare. Price 2,100 yen …
Peanut brown sugar
It does not stop when we do recollections while returning to home, and eating this><) price 420 yen …
Airy soap
It is soap which breathe, and was developed of trial and error by joint plan with happy mom for trouble of moms. It was to soap which you could use for one and child who were sensitive to skin in peace using “hub oil” of skin oil which came to Okinawa from old days. Price 600 yen
It becomes healthy tea of RyukyuMura original which is easy to drink, and is not available in others that original blended 38 kinds of wild grass. Price 2,625 yen …
Hub powder
It is hub of Okinawa known for deadly poison, but 12 kinds of essential amino acids which there is not of what we miss between people are included in hub in a good balance what, and high quality high protein calcium, phosphorus, linoleic acid 3 times as large as beef are included, too. Price 1,890 yen …
  • We can purchase souvenir of RyukyuMura in net!
  • RyukyuMura combination stand
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It is special product souvenir

It is array to deep red potato tart and snow salt chinsuko of extreme popularity, basic nosataandagikara, fashion miscellaneous goods such as kariyushiware, original local goods!

We pick up soil from place

Liquor shop (Awamori old liquor)
We have Ryukyu Awamori from 100% of old liquor to getting out storehouse home brew abundantly in horizontal liquor shop of the old Hikas.
Sir teryeah
Healthy brown sugar and cake to make from salt and sugarcane of Okinawa are sold♪
Person of former Hanagi
We put thing using dough of print like Okinawa including coaster using fabric and colorfully-dyed pattern
Old ball Naha house
How to make that is traditional with Japanese cypress and head. Newly made Sir of aunt pride ter; under Guy.
champuru market
Convenience “champuru market” of Okinawa where T-shirt, cake, anything including original character goods are even on from special product of Okinawa

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