Company Overview

Company name
Bed of roses mountain (RyukyuMura)
The location 1130, Yamada, Onna-son, Okinawa
Phone number 098-965-1234
FAX 098-9643411
The establishment October 23, 1982
The founder Takeru Kochi Sakae
President Eiichi Kochi
Representative director Toshio Kochi
<brief career history>
It was born in Okinawa for 1,954 years
1977 international coral processing place
Mt. 1982 RyukyuMura bed of roses
Happou product of 1985 Okinawa product manufacturing industry
1988 sea bass Marlene Okinawa
1989 urizun *kyujotoriteiyaku
Mt. 1993 RyukyuMura bed of roses representative director
1995 agricultural production corporation Uruma farm
1998 Okinawa tourist industry cooperative
1999 paradise
2003 ayapani Yaeyama folk garden president
2008 international coral processing place president


October 23
“RyukyuMura” open village commemorative expression (we cut the tape by Governor of west signature Okinawa, Oki Onna-son village mayor)
March, 1987 RyukyuMura wins “prize for Okinawa tourist facility service”
April, 1995 “We get up newly, and RyukyuMura is preferred to sightseeing in Okinawa convention bureau, Okinawa postal administration Administration Office in 100 selections of rope tourist attractions”
October, 2005 The Minister of Economy Trade and Industry receives commission of “local medium and small-sized business supporter” than Minister of Economy Trade and Industry Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, tourism nation minister Toshio Kochi Takeru Kochi Sakae, Kenji Kochi
January, 2007 Toshio Kochi receives authorization of “local active missionary” than regional activation charge minister
May, 2007 The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology registers 7 facilities of RyukyuMura with QNI tangible cultural property original ledger as registration tangible cultural property of country

Indication about animal handling business registration

Classification Display
Registration number Offing movement exhibition 438th
The registration date June 25, 2007
Expiration date June 24, 2017
Animal handling person in charge Italy wave Tetsuo

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