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It is array to deep red potato tart and snow salt chinsuko of extreme popularity, basic nosataandagikara, fashion miscellaneous goods such as kariyushiware, original local goods!

It is special product RyukyuMura recommended souvenir

It is good to friend, souvenir to family!

Friend, souvenir to family

Mozuku soup only flows into, and it is easy! Delicious! Okinawa Mozuku soup. Extreme popularity at all healthy seaweed, seaweed, kelp, clams which Mozuku is contained, and incense of the sea makes and seasoning that we did! Guinness authorization that has never met with 14 kinds of mineral-containing kinds in nuchimasu cooking bottle 150g 2000 year. It is salt which is detected world's most with 21 kinds of mineral detection kinds now now. Speaking of old liquor 25 degrees Okinawa, Awamori, Awamori are old liquor for ancient city Shuri ten years . This price is advantageous with old liquor for ten years! Please compare.

Special product of long-lived island Okinawa that is good for both body and beauty

Special product of Okinawa

It is soap which breathe, and was developed of trial and error by joint plan with happy mom for trouble of soap moms light . It was to soap which you could use for one and child who were sensitive to skin in peace using "hub oil" of skin oil which came to Okinawa from old days. It becomes healthy tea of RyukyuMura original which is easy to drink, and is not available in others that original blended wild grass of *kencha 38 kinds. It is hub of Okinawa known for

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