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Okinawa Station champuru
Trial class booth

Trial class booth

A lot of trial class to be able to enjoy even in rainy day.

Trial class making accessories using costumes for rent booth and shell and coral which change into Ryukyu clothes, and take photograph, leather sandals paint, and they can enjoy rich trial class such as making of accessories trial class using fragment of Ryukyu glass.

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kijimuna dining room

kijimuna dining room

As well as Ryukyu dish, menu using ingredients and seasonal foods of Okinawa is abundant.

Okinawa station champuruniarukijimunaa dining room adjacent to RyukyuMura. Please enjoy classic menu including Okinawa soba and Soki soba and menu using seasonal material. You can enjoy free show in theater while eating as we do it.

champuru market

champuru market

A lot of souvenirs of Okinawa! A lot of local character goods to be able to buy only in Okinawa!

Various souvenirs and RyukyuMura including Okinawa soba and Umibudo sell production, souvenir selling at stand of champuru market. Sakeware “Yushibin” made from Hado pottery, Awamori offers a wide range of high-grade 15-year-old sake from Awamori to mild 5-year-old sake.

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