Company Overview

Company name
Bed of roses mountain (RyukyuMura)
The location Onna-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa character Yamada 1130
Phone number 098-965-1234
FAX 098-9643411
The establishment October 23, 1982
The founder Takeru Kochi Sakae
President Eiichi Kochi
Representative director Toshio Kochi
<brief career history>
It was born in Okinawa for 1,954 years
1977 international coral processing place
Mt. 1982 RyukyuMura bed of roses
Happou product of 1985 Okinawa product manufacturing industry
1988 sea bass Marlene Okinawa
1989 urizun *kyujotoriteiyaku
Mt. 1993 RyukyuMura bed of roses representative director
1995 agricultural production corporation Uruma farm
1998 Okinawa tourist industry cooperative
1999 paradise
2003 ayapani Yaeyama folk garden president
2008 international coral processing place president


October 23, 1982
“RyukyuMura” open village commemorative expression
 (we cut the tape by Governor of west signature Okinawa, Oki Onna-son village mayor)
March, 1987 RyukyuMura wins “prize for Okinawa tourist facility service”
April, 1995 RyukyuMura from sightseeing in Okinawa convention bureau, Okinawa postal administration Administration Office
“We get up newly and are chosen in 100 selections of rope tourist attractions”
October, 2005 The Minister of Economy Trade and Industry is keisumisangyodaishinkokudoko Toshio Kochi Takeru Kochi Sakae, Kenji Kochi
We receive commission of “local medium and small-sized business supporter” than tsudaishin, tourism nation minister
January, 2007 Toshio Kochi receives authorization of “local active missionary” than regional activation charge minister
May, 2007 7 facilities of RyukyuMura as registration tangible cultural property of country the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is QNI tangible culture
We enroll in fortune original ledger

About specific transaction

Distributor Bed of roses mountain
Administration person in charge Eiichi Kochi
Address 〒904-0416
Onna-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa character Yamada 1130
Phone number 098-965-1234
FAX number 098-964-3411
E-Mail address
Name RyukyuMura
Means of payment Prior discount ticket pays only by payment in advance.
(it varies according to other plans and trial class. Specifically, please confirm the plan details.)
About the postage Reservation of ticket, the postage about sale are 0 yen.
(we can acquire prior discount ticket by acquiring by showing screen of print or carrying coupon on my page.)
Delivery time After approval by means of payment of the price that buyer appointed was granted, we can acquire prior discount ticket by showing screen of print or cell-phone coupon on my page in around 30 minutes.
About returned goods We do not accept cancellation of prior discount ticket or return of goods.
In addition, it discounts in advance and refunds the purchase price for buyer of ticket when our facility cannot provide service or there is a threat that though there is about prior discount ticket in expiration date of prior discount ticket. In this case repayment method shall depend on our designated method.

Travel agency registration list

The sphere of business Domestic travel
Registration number Governor of Okinawa registration travel agency 2-251
The registration date October 5, 2005
Expiration date From October 5, 2015 to October 5, 2022
Name Okinawa tourist industry cooperative
Address 2-3-1, Nishi, Naha-shi, Okinawa uechi building 7F
Name of office RyukyuMura office
Onna-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa character Yamada 1130
TEL: 098-965-1234
Office business hours [business hours / email correspondence]
Year round from 9:00 to 17:30
(except blackout caused by natural disaster)
General trip duties handling manager tosansaimegumi
“General trip duties handling manager is person in charge of business in office handling trip of visitor. If you have any questions, please ask travel agency handling manager written on the cover a question for explanation from the person in charge about contract of this trip without reserve”
Manager-adaptive time Weekdays from 9:00 to 17:30
It is pointed out opinion about Internet business OKK travel RyukyuMura office
Visitor consultation desk
TEL: 098-965-1234
E-Mail address

Indication about animal handling business registration

Classification Display
Registration number Offing movement exhibition 438th
The registration date June 25, 2007
Expiration date June 24, 2017
Animal handling person in charge Italy wave Tetsuo

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