Definition of personal information
Personal information is thereby information that personal birth and parentage are distinguished directly. Personal information includes age on full name, address, phone number, E-mail address, sex, the date of birth.
Collection and use of personal information
  • We may not disclose this information to third party without permission of the person by personal information that we collected.
  • In our Web site, we collect personal information from visitor in inquiry form.
  • We use personal information of visitor for various service improvement.
  • Specifically, we use personal information in purpose such as communication about business and order, information exchange, service with visitor and offer of information.
  • Non-personal data is added up for the purpose of making report about usefulness of Web site, movement performance, effectiveness of advertising.
Personal information sharing
We may consign duties to company getting our affiliates or partnership on building systems on website. We do not admit use of personal information except that it is aimed for offer of these duties in these companies.
About personal information acquired on our website, we take measures to protect from loss, misuse of information, access, manipulation, leak from thing without authority. For example, personal information offered by user is saved to computer which only limited human being in managed facility can access.
Change, deletion of personal information
When there is request from visitor, personal information of visitor stored in Web site does change, deletion immediately.
About change of this policy
When condition of this privacy policy is updated, we publish those changes on homepage.

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