Trip to “dance with bamboo castanets” (yuchidaki) – Okinawa … to visit original scenery of song “dance with bamboo castanets”

“Joy that we clap and sound and sound dance with bamboo castanets, and Goza appearance jite plays today.” Program “dance with bamboo castanets” (yuchidaki) that is the most elegant in Ryukyu dancing. We show dance concerning flower including “dance with bamboo castanets” titled “dance of Ryukyu sinter” in RyukyuMura until May. Music will travel in original scenery of Okinawa in RyukyuMura.

photo: Jean Matsumoto
URL http://okinawamericasia.ti-da.net

Song of Okinawa that it is got close by hair play, and changes. Enjoy, but the origin!

Program “dance with bamboo castanets” that is the solemnest in Ryukyu dancing, and is elegant

Solemn Ryukyu dancing “dance with bamboo castanets” (yuchidaki) is 1404 in fascinating colorfully-dyed pattern clothes and Ryukyu classic dancing that elegant dance is impressive, the origin. China linked tribute paid to the court relations to Ryukyu kingdom, and satsufushi of the Chinese emperor came to be dispatched, and party of warm reception came to be held. It is Ryukyu dancing, current “classic dancing” on this occasion to have been danced. 

Dancer, all the players were appointed led by children of Shuri family with samurai antecedents. Therefore, as for all the dancers, man was danced as female-impersonator. Classic dancing is divided into old man dance, woman dance, young people dance, 2 years old dance, dakumiodori, and “dance with bamboo castanets” (yuchidaki) is classified in woman dance. Woman dance assumes love and love the subject in one of the dances to represent classic dancing mainly. It is said that Chokun Tamagusuku created program that “dance with bamboo castanets” (yuchidaki) comes in the present age including “Amakawa” (amaka) “hometown flower” (mutunuchibana), and wins popularity and, in woman dance, is called “classic woman seven dance”.

“Dance with bamboo castanets” that is danced with “dance kuwadesa clause” (uduikufadisabushi)

Small percussion instrument that dance with bamboo castanets is to open and close grip, palm by two pieces in both hands and claps. We are made of four pieces of finished bamboo with lacquer of rouge et noir and have sound to cleanse seat of celebration. It is danced on music of “dance kuhadesa clause” (uduikufadisabushi) by wedding dancing danced with autumn party in angry ship dance mainly. By the way, being considered to be tanka poetry of “dance kuhadesa clause” “kuhadesa clause” of Kumejima. The name of musical instrument which “music for bamboo castanets” is program of classic dancing woman dance, and is used in dancing. Title of a musical composition played by the dancing “dance with bamboo castanets” is “dance kuhadesa clause” (uduikufadisabushi).

  • Joy that we clap and sound and sound dance with bamboo castanets, and Goza appearance jite plays today
  • Reason: Joy to sound musical accompaniment with instruments and dance with bamboo castanets, and to dance in today’s fancy place
As for the endemic species of Okinawa, Okinawa is firefly paradise!


  • Address Onna-son, Okinawa character Yamada 1130
  • Telephone 098-965-1234
  • gyoei from 8:30 to 17:30 (reception desk 17:00)
  • kika from 9:00 to 18:00 (reception desk 17:30)
RyukyuMura “dance of Ryukyu sinter”
Schedule: From January 17 to May 6
Time: At 10:00, it is 16:00
Rate: It is 1,200 yen adult 16 years old or older
Dwarf 6 years old – 15 years old 600 yen, under 6 years old for free
Meeting place: Center open space in garden
Appearance: RyukyuMura
We dance song and dance concerning sinter in MICHIJYUNE performed at 10:00 and 16:00 (your flower, dance with bamboo castanets, flower).

Let’s sense old no Ryukyu noutato dance bodily in RyukyuMura! RyukyuMura and tie-up plan of Okinawa music trip are full of attractions that RyukyuMura is fun. “Dance of Ryukyu sinter” that can enjoy song and dance concerning flower starts on January 17 and of course can watch dance of elegant “dance with bamboo castanets” that wore fascinating colorfully-dyed pattern. Please sense song and scenery of Okinawa that you want to convey earlier for 100 years bodily in RyukyuMura. The details are official sites of RyukyuMura.