Okinawan songs loved through Moashibi have constantly been changing. The origin of the songs is to have fun together.

Moashibi is a custom that used to be held widely in Okinawa. “Mo” means field. Young men and women used to gather at the field or beach at night to enjoy songs and dances together over food and drink. It’s a contemporary meaning of “Konpa (joint party).” Moashibi was not just an opportunity for youngsters to mingle, but it also functioned as an important occasion to pass on folk songs, instrument skills, dances, folktales, and other cultural traditions. Many Okinawan musicians had fun in Moashibi and consequently honed their artistic skills by competing in improvising songs, writing the lyrics, and chants. It can be said that Moashibi worked as a driving force to create new folk songs one after another.

photo: Jean Matsumoto
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Song of Okinawa that it is got close by hair play, and changes. Enjoy, but the origin!

Comical and enjoyable rhythm and melody.
Dance and lyrics can be arranged freely!!

“Uminu Chimbora” is a classic folk song originally from Ie Island and was brought to red-light district in Naha. Lyrics and melody have been arranged freely and handed down today. As the song was popular in drinking scenes and red-light district just like Moashibi, you’ll notice the lyrics have a full of humor and they are a bit erotic. Various lyric arrangements were made and it’s a tune easy to improvise and play freely. Rhythm and melody are very catchy and rhythmical and until now, the song is still played in many banquet scenes. This is one of the songs that are loved most by Okinawan people. “Uminu Chimbora” played and sung humorously is the Okinawan folk song in our time to be enjoyed just like a session song.

“Uminu Chimbora” a play song fun to dance and play. A travel to visit untouched scenes.

“Uminu Chimbora guwa, Sakanai Tatiba” “Uminu Chimbora” is an Okinawan play song that has been loved by Okinawan people for its comical lyrics and melody. Let’s dance to the song with Chondara to fully experience pleasure of Okinawan folk songs. Have a music travel to visit Okinawa’s original scenes you can feel from the song.

  • Uminu Chimbora guwa
  • Sakanai Tatiba
  • Hisanu Sachizachi Abunasaya
  • Shitakunu Wassaya Subanarinari
  • Sa Uchiyunu Mannaka Jisa jisa jissai
  • Shimanu Hey hey hehey
Trip ... which visits children's song that "sea nu Japanese spaniel bowler" - dance is fun, original scenery


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Song of Okinawa linking beautiful rasa feeling not to hit
“Song of Okinawa linking beautiful rasa feeling not to hit”
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Chondara will teach you the fun dance of Uminu Chimbora!

The tie-up project between Ryukyumura and Okinawa Music Travel. The theme song of Ryukyumura between March and May is “Uminu Chimbora.” Attraction of the song, which is easy for everyone to dance to, will kick off. What’s special about Okinawan music is to join and have fun together! Please experience Okinawan songs and scenes in Ryukyumura that we’d like to pass down for a hundred years.