… Okinawa is trip … visiting original scenery of pitches a camp, pitching a camp “tinglingly” firefly paradise

“Tinglingly tinglingly liquor shop nu water kuwati raku tiriyojinjin lower gariyojinjin.” Any people regardless of age or sex, one of the nursery rhyme loved widely by citizens of Okinawa “tinglingly.” Tour to admire firefly and starlit sky of Okinawa starts in RyukyuMura in August. Music will travel in original scenery of Okinawa.

photo: Jean Matsumoto
URL http://okinawamericasia.ti-da.net

Song of Okinawa that it is got close by hair play, and changes. Enjoy, but the origin!

As for the endemic species of Okinawa!
Okinawa is firefly paradise!

“Tinglingly tinglingly liquor shop nu water kuwati raku tiriyojinjin lower riyojinjin.” One of the nursery rhyme (children’s song of Okinawa) loved widely by any people regardless of age or sex, citizens of Okinawa “tinglingly.” You may assume guide music of sanshin and are used. “We eat firefly, water of liquor shop firefly, and, as for the meaning, it is firefly raku chiroyo firefly, lower scree”. 47 kinds of fireflies inhabit Japan, and it is said that firefly of about half of kinds is distributed over Okinawa soon. Seven kinds of fireflies inhabit Okinawa Island. “iriomotebotaru” where “kumejimabotaru” was distributed only over Iriomotejima, Ishigakijima again in Kumejima in 1994 was discovered and was listed new kind. Okinawa is right firefly paradise. Being able to admire firefly from the end of June after passing of the rainy season to about September. When it is humid, and condition such as there not being influence of wind gathers after rain without moonlight, we are active lively.

The reason why firefly emits light is that female meets male, and male gives off strong light for female weak light. Even if life is long; 7-10 days. As it is endangered rare creature, it prohibits strictly to catch. In addition, we are weak in bright place and light. On admiration, attention is necessary not to attach flashlight or cell-phone either. “Tinglingly tinglingly……”. We admire light of fantastic firefly and will feel flow at the age of endlessness of southern country Okinawa.

  • Tinglingly tinglingly
    Liquor shop (slope) nu Mizuhami (mijikuwa) ti
    raku (u) tiriyojinjin
    Lower gariyojinjin
  • Tinglingly tinglingly
    Pot shop (chibuya) nu suiin (mijinu) di
    raku (u) tiriyojinjin
    Lower gariyojinjin
  • Tinglingly tinglingly
    Kumoji (kumuji) nu suiin (mijinu) di
    raku (u) tiriyojinjin
    Lower gariyojinjin
As for the endemic species of Okinawa, Okinawa is firefly paradise!


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Song of Okinawa linking beautiful rasa feeling not to hit
RyukyuMura summer festival schedule
Schedule: From Friday, August 1 to Sunday, August 31
Time: From 17:30 to 20:30
Contents: Meal, stand, firefly tour, etc.

We carry out summer festival “firefly gin gin tour” during period in summer vacation! Tie-up plan of RyukyuMura and Okinawa music trip theme music of RyukyuMura for from the end of June to September “tinglingly.” We hold summer festival in RyukyuMura during period in summer vacation of August. In addition, we carry out “firefly gin gin tour” to admire light of firefly and star of night sky. Please sense song and scenery of Okinawa where place that splendor of Okinawa music participates and can enjoy wants to tell earlier for 100 years bodily in RyukyuMura.