Trip to “sainsoru (declare) knob” – Okinawa … to visit Utahara scenery

A lot of celebrations to come in the present age are in Okinawa from old days. In RyukyuMura, we hold trial class event of celebration event at any time along the old calendar. Please sense gorgeous dance that we say with “Yui Yui” in high spirits, and “the Juri horse shin” held on January 20 in the old calendar dances bodily.

photo: Jean Matsumoto
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Song of Okinawa that it is got close by hair play, and changes. Enjoy, but the origin!

It is Juri horse (Juri horse line)

It is Juri horse, and (Juri horse line) is performed on New Year holidays (hatsukasogachi) and this day to be said in the twentieth of January 20 in the old calendar. “Juri” of Juri horse is harlot by words of Okinawa. “Crossroads red light district” was founded, and, in the Ryukyu Heian period, Juri gathered in current Tsuji, Naha-shi from various places throughout Okinawa. Juri chosen from each red light district dress up with Ryukyu clothes gorgeously, and hit decoration of head of horse, and festival, it which are gorgeous at all which show dance while putting together in music such as “sainsoru clauses” (we declare we pat), and saying with “Yui Yui” in high spirits are “the Juri horse shin”. However, for this festival, sad story is hidden. Daughter who has been sold to domestic mouth decrease rashinotameni parent that Juri were poor. It is not appeared outside freely when we do not finish return of debt either and cannot come back to the parents’ house. Fate to determine rumor called former Juri even if it becomes the body gone out freely to open in a moment, and not to be able to come back in the parents’ house. However, oneself is fine for outside world family “only at the age of the Juri horse shin” of New Year holidays alone once a year in the twentieth; was able to turn up. In red light district, songs and ballads and dance peculiar to Ryukyu, service with dish were accomplished. It is said that harlot of the crossroads was strong in property as geisha in particular. Much Okinawa folk songs were born from that, too. Music that is used for scene which “sainsoru melody” sung with “the Juri horse shin” pretends to be popular entertainer, Kotaro of Kyoto because brothers hit harm of parent with group dancing “long live Takara”, and approaches enemy. In story to yearn for parent

  • It is supposed that this sung song caused big sympathy of Juri. “The Juri horse shin” has been ever called Naha three big festival along with “we saw Naha general rules” “Naha Harley”. We were cut off last 12 years in 1988, but it revives on February 27, 2000 and continues up to the present day. Let alone the current “Juri horse shin,” it is performed by general woman. If there is opportunity to see “the Juri horse shin”, please remember sad story covered by this festival.
As for the endemic species of Okinawa, Okinawa is firefly paradise!


  • Address Onna-son, Okinawa character Yamada 1130
  • Telephone 098-965-1234
  • gyoei from 8:30 to 17:30 (reception desk 17:00)
  • kika from 9:00 to 18:00 (reception desk 17:30)
It is RyukyuMura Juri horse
Schedule: March 1, 2016 …
   It is every day until March 31, 2016
Time: At 10:00, it is 16:00
Place: Open space (at the time of rainy weather the former west Ishigakis) in garden
On February 27, you can enjoy the Juri horse shin with special version

RyukyuMura admission fee information
Rate: It is 1,200 yen adult 16 years old or older
Dwarf 6 years old – 15 years old 600 yen, under 6 years old for free
Details https://www.ryukyumura.co.jp

We sense Ryukyu noutato dance bodily in RyukyuMura! RyukyuMura and tie-up plan of Okinawa music trip are full of attractions that RyukyuMura is fun. It is Juri horse held for New Year holidays on 20th in the old calendar. On February 27, we hold the RyukyuMura Juri horse shin this year. We show Juri horse in MICHIJYUNE performed at 10:00 and 16:00 every day from March 1 to 31st. Please sense song and scenery of Okinawa that you want to convey earlier for 100 years bodily in RyukyuMura.