“Flower Pinwheels” The tour to visit the original scenes of Okinawa’s folk song “Hana nu Kajimaya”

「Chin tun ten tun Man chin tan Unetari Sunume Umikakire」 “Flower Pinwheels” -one of the folk songs that is loved by men and women of all ages in Okinawa. In Michijune taking place at Ryukyumura, the parade of Kajimaya will be held on weekends in September. Please enjoy music travel of visiting the original scenes of Okinawa.

photo: Jean Matsumoto
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Song of Okinawa that it is got close by hair play, and changes. Enjoy, but the origin!

Celebration of 97 years old birthday as “Kajimaya nu Yuue”

In Okinawa, people have a custom of celebrating their birth year based on Chinese Zodiac, which comes every 12 years. The celebration is called “Tushibi” (celebration of birth year) in Okinawan dialect.
People celebrate their first Tushibi when they reach 13 years old, then 25, 37, 49, 61, 73, 85 and 97 years of age are celebrated according to the traditional Japanese age reckoning.
The year of Tushibi once was considered as an unlucky year, people had a ritual called “Ugan” to ward off evil spirits and pray for sound health without any diseases.
It is now simplified and 13, 61 years old and the older ages are celebrated on a large scale.
After the Okinawa Reversion, celebration customs from mainland Japan were brought to Okinawa and now Champuru (mixed) Tushibi has been celebrated.
Some people celebrate Koki (celebration of 70 years of age) when they turn 73 years old, Sanjyu (80th birthday) at 85 years old, Beijyu (88th birthday) as “Tokachi,” and Hakujyu (99th birthday) at 97 years old as “Kajimaya.”

  • Hananu Kajimaya Kaji chiriti miguru
    (Flower pinwheels are spinning as wind blows)
    chintun tentun manchintan
    une tari su nu mee
  • Wanya dushi chiriti Namadu wanne Muduru
    (I saw my friends and have just come back with them)
    Chin tun ten tun Man chin tan
    Unetari Sunume
  • Kachinefanu tsuyuya Agaitida Machuru
    (Dew of leaves on stone wall is waiting for sunrise)
    Chin tun ten tun Man chin tan
    Unetari Sunume
As for the endemic species of Okinawa, Okinawa is firefly paradise!


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Song of Okinawa linking beautiful rasa feeling not to hit
Flower nu Kajima yeah parade
Schedule: From 1 to 30 on September in 2014
Time: 10:00 …, 16:00 …
Place: Center open space in garden
Contents: Kajima yeah (MICHIJYUNE)

Kajimaya Michijune to be held in Ryukyumura!! A tie-up project between Ryukyumura and Okinawa Music Travel! The theme song of Ryukyumura from the end of August to November is “Hana nu Kajimaya.” Until the end of September, Michijune featuring Kajimaya will take place at 10:00 and 16:00. Don’t miss our colorful parade in Asian style. What’s special about Okinawan music is guests can join and enjoy songs together! Please experience Okinawa’s songs and scenes in Ryukyumura that we hope to pass down for a hundred years.