“Toushin Dooi” ~the most popular Kachaashii song, journey to visit the original scenery of Toushin Dooi~

“Toushin Dooi Santeeman issan haee naranshi ya Yuiyanaa” (He was told that the ship from China came back, but he cannot run fast). When “Toushin Dooi” is played, it is said that all Okinawans start dancing. Ryukyu Mura started a workshop that teaches how to dance along to this song. Let’s take a journey to the original scenery of Okinawa, through music.

photo: Jean Matsumoto
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Song of Okinawa that it is got close by hair play, and changes. Enjoy, but the origin!

Toushin Dooi sang the joy of coming back home from a life-risking voyage

In Okinawa, almost all auspicious occasion will be closed with Kachaashii (Okinawan style dance) dance. Kachaashi comes from the word “Kachaasu” meaning “to mix” in the Okinawan language. The most popular song for Kachaashii is this song “Toushin Dooi.” Toushin means Chinese ship. The ships went to China, Korea, Philippine, Indonesia and Thailand to trade and brought back lots of products after the long dangerous voyage. When ship came back to the port, people call out “The Toushin are back!” and run to the port to celebrate. Trade with China and Southeast Asia still continued even after the occupation by Satuma. The song sings the joy that the ship returned to Okinawa safely from the voyage. After the port of Naha was built by King Sho Hashi, the commercial area was called Naha; East Village, West Village, Izumizaki Village and Wakasa Town Village prospered as four towns of Naha.

The port mentioned in “Toushin Dooi” is now a municipal housing complex, built to symbolize the post-World War II recovery in the 1950’s. At Present, the new port is located in Wakasa, ships from overseas come in and it became the gateway of the sea for Okinawa. The song “Toushin Dooi” reflects the lives, desires and joys of the precursors in Ryukyu. Let’s invite good fortune with the Kachaashii dance and Kachaashii (mix) the happiness.

  • Toushin Dooi Santeeman
    issan haee naranshi ya Yuiyanaa
    Wakasa machimuranu saa shinafanu tamnee
    Haiya sensuru Yuiyanaa
    (He was told that the ship from China came back, but he cannot run fast.
    He is an old man of Senaha, Wakasa Village)
  • Utu ni tuyumariru Uhumura udun nu Shindangi Yuiyanaa
    Nafua ni tuyumariru saa Kumuji nu hooi kajimarugii
    Haiya sensuru Yuiyanaa
    (The Chinaberry tree of the palace is the most famous in Shuri
    The train banyan tree of Kumoji is the most famous in Naha)
  • Kariyushi nu ashibi Uchihariti karaya Yuiyanaa
    Yunu akitei Tiidanu saa arumadin
    Haiya sensuru Yuiyanaa
    (After the auspicious feast warms up, until dawn and even after sunrise)
Trip ... which visits children's song that "sea nu Japanese spaniel bowler" - dance is fun, original scenery


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Let’s aim at kachashi Champion to Chinese ship doi! Tie-up plan of RyukyuMura and Okinawa music trip theme music of RyukyuMura for from March to May “Chinese ship doi.” Workshop of “Chinese ship doi” which can easily dance in anyone starts. And we choose kachashi Champion and present souvenir! Please sense song and scenery of Okinawa where place that splendor of Okinawa music participates and can enjoy wants to tell earlier for 100 years bodily in RyukyuMura.