Okinawan songs, journey to original scenery of Okinawa

“Chon chon chon chon, Kijimunaa ga Choon chon (coming, coming, Kijimunaa is coming).” The song “Chon Chon Kijimunaa” rhythmically sang of spirit of tree, Kijimunaa. The Michijyunee parade is performed with “Chon chon Kijimunaa” as a theme song in Ryukyu Mura. Let’s take a journey to original scenery of Okinawa in Ryukyu Mura through music.

photo: Jean Matsumoto
URL http://okinawamericasia.ti-da.net

Song of Okinawa that it is got close by hair play, and changes. Enjoy, but the origin!

Legend of Kijimunaa throughout Okinawa

Kijimunaa is a legendary spirit creature said to be exist throughout main island of Okinawa and viewed as “spirit of tree”. Many unique legends exist in different region, but in general it is said that homes favored by Kijimunaa prosper and homes disliked by Kijimunaa perish. Kijimunaa is described as “evil spirit” that brings curse in “Okinawan folklore”. But now Kijimunaa is viewed as mischievous yet sweet spirit creature and loved by many. There are various views of Kijimunaa, but we will introduce Kijimunaa from lyrics of “Chon chon Kijimunaa”. (Main lyrics are written in below)

Beloved spirit of tree, Kijimunaa

Kijimunaa takes form of a little child and most attractive feature is the red hair. Character is mischievous, kind yet powerful, but it changes drastically if once betrayed. Kijimunaa has a side of short temper. Living at Banyan tree and his special talent is catching the fishes. It is said that Kijimunaa can call fishes on the moonlit night and one who goes out fishing with Kijimunaa always have a good catch, therefore their house prospers. He also has a special power to warp instantly, even to China. His favorite food is eyes of the fish and he does not like chicken, octopus and human fart (ha-ha). Look up the Banyan tree in moonlight, you may find Kijimunaa smiling at you.

  • 1) Kijimunaa guwaa no yaa ya maa yaga
    Chooban Ishi nu suba doo ya
    Gajyumaru gii nu nakani duando

    Where is Kijimunaa’s house? It’s on the top of Banyan tree by Choban stone.

  • 3) Kijimunaa guwaa ya chikaramuchi yasa
    Iyu tui jouji nu umiyakaraa
    Iyu tuiti moukiti magiyaa chukurana

    Kijimunaa is powerful and great fisher, catch fishes, make money and let’s build a big house.

  • 6) Kijimunaa guwaa ga uturushi mun yaa
    Akachichimikoka nu tiiyaachi nanduru
    hinduru takkwai mukkwai

    Kijimunaa does not like chicken at dawn and octopus. Because they like to stick and tangle.
As for the endemic species of Okinawa, Okinawa is firefly paradise!


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Experience the songs and dances of old Ryukyu at Ryukyu Mura! Collaboration of Ryukyu Mura and journey of Okinawan music! Ryukyu Mura is fully loaded with fun attractions. Enjoy Kachaashii with theme song, such as “Chon Chon Kijimunaa” from August. October 8th Thursday is the day of Kijimunaa, rock-paper-scissors contest with Kim-kun, Kijimunaa and photo session are held at 11:00 and 15:00. Please feel and experience the songs and scenery of Okinawa that we want to pass down to generations for next 100 years.